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From our farm to your home.

All-natural non-toxic skincare made with nourishing fats & all-natural ingredients.

Ethically-raised meat to nourish your body & mind.


The Best Tallow Balms in Canada & Beyond

Lazuli Farms sources grass-fed, vitamin rich beef tallow and outdoor pork lard from local, sustainable farms to craft the ultimate in nourishing & moisturizing fat-based skincare.

Every product is developed by your farmer-pharmacist, Kylie, with your health & well-being in mind. Made in small, handcrafted batches in the heart of big-sky country in Alberta, Canada.

Tallow is jam-packed with Vitamins A, D, E, and K, and is deeply moisturizing. It's gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin.

Combine tallow with natural plant oils, wild botanicals, and all-natural pure ingredients for a holistic approach to non-toxic skincare.

Helping you glow & radiate both on the outside & on the inside.

Nourish your skin.

Experience deep skin nourishment with skincare made with natural ingredients & ultra-moisturizing fats & oils.

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