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Lazuli Farms in the Media

Since we started the farm in 2017, we've been lucky enough to collaborate with some amazing people & businesses!

Still Shots at the Lazuli Farms Strawberry Patch

Back in the summer of 2019, we hosted Geoff and Jo-Ann from Rig Hand Distillery in Leduc for strawberry picking in the u-pick strawberry patch!  Rig Hand Distillery is a local distillery who prides themselves on using the freshest local ingredients for their products!  Check out this episode of Still Shots on Youtube featuring Lazuli Farms!


Traveling Light to Lazuli Farms

The Beck Family is Traveling Light!  In 2020, we hosted the Beck family (Jason, Jane, Mathea, and Anton) on a tour of Lazuli Farms!  The Becks, who own a Camrose-based travel company turned to traveling locally and lighter during the pandemic.  We enjoyed showing the kids the farm animals and talking about why we love the farm life!  Check out the episode on Youtube!

Our farm animals are raised with the best nutrition we can provide and sometimes they love a little treat!  On occasion, we work with local breweries to pick up their spent grain (the grain that remains after the beer making process) and bring it home for the pigs!  They love the sweet treat!  Check out the story in the Camrose County Outlook!

Sharing our journey on The Rural Woman Podcast

 Kylie had an amazing opportunity to share the farm journey with fellow Albertan, Katelyn Duban, over on the Rural Woman Podcast in February 2021!  Katelyn shares the stories of women in farming, homesteading, and rural life and is the @wildrosefarmer over on Instagram.  Learn more about Lazuli Farms by listening to Episode 90 of The Rural Woman Podcast wherever you stream your podcasts or over at The Rural Woman Podcast!

Kylie Bartman Lazuli Farms Podcast

Harvest Host Guests Visit Lazuli Farms

In 2021, Lazuli Farms became a Harvest Host!  Our first guests arrived in April and we had a blast showing them the farm & helping them pick meat selections from the farm store!

Our guests, Alek, Lenny, and Liam, shared their visit on YouTube! You can follow their adventures over on Youtube or Instagram:

YouTube:  Rust Bucket RVentures

Instagram:  @the_rustbucket_rventures

Harvest Host Lazuli Farms

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