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Our Story

Hello there!  Thanks for coming to visit our webpage today!  Kylie Bartman here!  My husband, Scott, and I raise pigs, cattle, and sheep at Lazuli Farms in Camrose County, Alberta.  We are located 10 minutes north of the beautiful city of Camrose and just a short drive from Edmonton and Sherwood Park (45 minutes) and 150 km from Red Deer.

Bartman Family Lazuli Farms

Our story starts a few years ago when Scott convinced me it was time to uproot our family from our comfy Camrose home and move out to the country.  He had always dreamed of farming in some way and we were looking to provide our children with a different perspective on the world.  We downsized our belongings and moved into a small one level home on the most beautiful 80 acres.  This was back in 2016 when our kids were 3, 7, and 9 years old.  We spent the first year on the farm getting settled into the home and the changes of rural living.

Scott has a background as a plumber and I am a pharmacist by profession.  Scott's work experience has made him pretty handy to have around the house and farm.  My entire career has been focused on the medication treatment of people with chronic illness … and has made me develop a keen interest in prevention of chronic disease.

The more we learned about how our grocery store meat was being raised and how far our food had to travel from a farm to our table, the more we longed to grow some of our own food.  So in 2017, we tilled and planted our first farm garden. 

Lazuli Farms Garden

Later that year, we decided to embark into unknown territory … and raise some meat chickens!  We had no idea what we were doing but asked lots of questions.  We raised our first batch of 25 chickens and to our surprise, our family and friends bought almost all of the whole chickens!  We cooked up our first chicken and were amazed by the result.  We were encouraged … so decided to buy a couple of pigs to raise.  Those first pigs, affectionately named Mortimer and Gerald, were such a wonderful addition to the farm!  Pigs have a curious and entertaining personality … our family loved the new additions.

Lazuli Farms PigsLazuli Farms Chickens

As we learned more about the feed choices and the care for our animals, the more we wanted to share our products with more than just family & friends.  Our vision of Lazuli Farms came together … sharing naturally and humanely raised products with our community!

You can order beef, pork, or lamb from our farm and we ship to ANYWHERE in Alberta!  Our favorite product is our Farm Box subscription.  We love creating a meat box with a specific family in mind and shipping it right to their doorstep for them to create nourishing meals to share with their loved ones. 

We recently added the option to add on other great locally crafted products to your order.  Check out the provisions section to find out who we have collaborated with and what we offer.

In 2020, we added an online apparel shop!  Order a fun farm-inspired tee, sweatshirt, hat, or toque from Lazuli Farms!

Why our products are better than the grocery store?

1. Raised naturally - this means that we avoid the use of antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals; it also means that we aim to provide a natural habitat for our animals to thrive in.

2. Local - our meat is raised on farm and is available only in Alberta thus reducing the environmental impact of TRAVEL.  We source local feed for the animals & have the meat processed at local businesses.

3. Customer Service - we pride ourselves on helping you find the right product for you and your family.  If you have an allergy or another dietary need, we'd be happy to help you out with that.

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