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We are Scott & Kylie Bartman and along with our kids, we are building a farm from scratch.

Our story starts a few years ago when Scott convinced me it was time to uproot our family from our comfy Camrose home and move out to the country.  He had always dreamed of farming in some way and we were looking to provide our children with a different perspective on the world.  As a pharmacist myself, I could see the link between food choices and chronic diseases.

We started off with 2 pigs, 25 chickens, and a small garden - all to learn more about how to grow our own food and to share that experience with our kids.

What we didn't expect was to fall in love with the animals, the farm life, and the final product on our plates.


At Lazuli Farms, we believe in providing our family and our community with quality meats, raised sustainably, and transparently.

We believe that going the extra mile with things like dry-aging, ample varieties of cuts, nose to tail options, and convenient ordering and delivery, are key to providing an exceptional product for you and your family's fork.

Above all, we care deeply for our animals each day of their lives.


Order our beef, pork, or lamb as individual cuts, assorted meat bundles, or a customized Farm Box subscription.  We'll ship it right to your doorstep ANYWHERE in Alberta!  The ordering process is simple & quick, and your order arrives quickly and hassle free.

We are the primary meat source for a number of families across Alberta.  They will tell you that our products are consistently delicious and that delivery is quick, easy, and predictable.

We hope you will taste and appreciate the difference as well - you won't be disappointed.


We know you love local food as much as we do!  That's why you can one-stop shop and add on great locally crafted products to your order.  Check out the provisions section to find out who we have collaborated with and what we offer.


Come visit the on-farm store to pick out your favorite selections in person!  Conveniently located a short 15 minutes drive from Camrose and 45 minutes from Edmonton, you'll love your escape from the hustle & bustle of the city.



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