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Naturally Raised Pork & Beef from Lazuli Farms

Did you know that you can fill your freezer each fall with naturally raised pork & beef from Lazuli Farms that tastes like meat did in the good ol' days?

When we started Lazuli Farms in 2017, we wanted to raise our animals in the ways of our grandparents - outdoors with fresh air, sunshine, green grasses, and room to roam.  We wanted to provide families with premium quality meats that were more delicious and nutrient-packed than the meat you find at the grocery store.

And that's what we do.

You can load your freezer with premium quality, delicious meats from Lazuli Farms each fall.

We offer a couple of options for loading up on pork & beef.


Naturally-raised beef is available in quarter beef packages:

  • 100+ pounds of beef cuts
  • wide variety of cuts including steaks, roasts, ribs, stew beef, stirfry strips, ground beef, and more


Outdoor-raised pork is available as custom half and whole pork packages:

  • you choose your cuts on a half or whole pork
  • half pork gets you approximately 60 lbs of delicious pork
  • whole pork gets you approximately 120 lbs of delicious pork

Be the first to know when the packages are available for pre-order by joining the waitlist here:

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