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SOOTHING FLORAL | Herbal Bath Soak | All-Natural | Lazuli Farms

SOOTHING FLORAL | Herbal Bath Soak | All-Natural | Lazuli Farms

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All natural bath salts soak designed for an aromatherapeutic experience in your next bath.  Not your average salt soak, Lazuli Farms Herbal Bath Soaks combine nourishing tallow with a unique blend of salts, botanicals, and essential oils for a tranquil experience.  Your bathroom will be filled with a decadent aroma while you soak your worries away.

Welcome the soothing & calming experience of a herbal bath soak.

Epsom salts soothe sore muscles.  Dead sea salt calms stressed skin.  Himalayan pink salt nourishes the skin with minerals.  Tallow softens & moisturizes the skin.  Oatmeal, calendula, and chamomile soothe itchy or irritated skin.

The Soothing Floral Blend smells like a wildflower field amidst a citrus orchard.

Instructions:  Just fill your tub with water and mix a couple of scoops of this bath salt soak into the water before stepping in to enjoy your soak.  Alternately, fill the cotton muslin bag (included) with your bath salts to keep the florals contained.

Ingredients: epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), dead sea salt, himalayan pnk salt, dried calendula petals, dried chamomile flowers, colloidal oatmeal, pure geranium, grapefruit, and ylang ylang.

CARE: As with any skin product, sensitivities may occur. Always try a test patch prior to regular use.

Variations in color or texture, or minor separation may occur due to the purity of our products. For best longevity, store in a cool, dry area.

Lazuli Farms products are small batch, handcrafted with love in central Alberta by our family. Expect a luxurious, nourishing experience with each of our products. The small batch, handcrafted nature of our products may create some slight variations in color or texture but nonetheless you'll love each and every product for the supple result.