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Kylie's Favorite Natural Bath & Beauty Products

Favourite Products for Natural Living

"You are what you eat" but what about what you put on your face & skin?

Over the past few years, our family has made a conscious shift to eating more whole foods and less foods that come from a box.  We've also started exploring better alternatives to the harsh chemicals and ingredients found in products for our skin and bodies.

Over time, we've found a number of favorite products that we use almost everyday in our homes.  From laundry soap to make-up, we've found some great natural options that we love!

Today, I'm sharing a few of our favorite things!


Facewash - Charcoal Tea Tree Bar Soap from The Fresh Wife Soap Company

If you haven't checked out the Fresh Wife, you gotta right away!  This homegrown business is right here in central Alberta and was started by two mamas looking to make safe products for their kiddos!  I use the charcoal soap on my face in the shower every morning and before bed every night.  It works great on my blemish prone skin.

Night cream - Fresh Wife Face Serum

I turned 40 this past year and figured it was high time to start a skin care routine!  I use a few drops of this oil based serum each night.

Day Lotion - Fresh Wife Daily Moisturizer

I love this light & freshly scented face lotion as a base for my foundation.


Lip Balm - Moody Bee Beeswax Lip Balm (find it in the farm store!)  We stumbled into the Moody Bee store in Kimberley, BC a couple of years ago on a ski trip.  I have been a lip balm addict for as long as I can remember!  I don't get far without a lip balm in my pocket.  This lip balm is the longest lasting lip balm that I have ever tried!  We carry it in the farm store since we love it so much!

Much of the remainder of my makeup comes from Pure Anada.  They are a Canadian company focused on safe & natural beauty products.  I have tried a lot of "natural" makeup items and not loved a lot of them - either for the price or the product.  There's a lot to love about Pure Anada.  If you want to give Pure Anada a try, you can use my "refer a friend" link for $10 off your first purchase:

Save $10 off Pure Anada

Mascara - Pure Anada black mascara; I love this mascara except if I am going skiing or outside in the rain - it does tend to run a bit since it's not waterproof.  I just skip the mascara on those days!

Eye liner - Pure Anada Pureline Eye Pencil in black

Eyeshadow - Pure Anada - I like the little pressed shadow compacts!

Foundation - Pure Anada Liquid foundation & Toups & Co Liquid Foundation are my faves!

Brow Color - I really like the Pure Anada Mineral Brow color

Lipstick - Toups & Co Nourishing Lipstick - this stuff is long lasting & comes in great colours!

Eye Makeup Remover - I make a homemade eye makeup remover that works great!  That recipe will be coming soon to the blog!

Hand Soap:

Bar soaps - Simply Bee - These yummy smelling soaps are made right here in Alberta from their leftover beeswax & honey from their apiary!  Find them in the farm store or on the Simply Bee website.


Deoderent - Toups & Co - this stuff smells & works great!

Hand Cream for dry hands - Moody Bee Worker Bee Beeswax Hand Balm - This is a hand cream that we run for after we come in from chores in the winter!  There's something amazing about beeswax that heals up sore hands & skin.  You can find this in the farm store or online at The Moody Bee.

Body Cream - we make our own!  I'll share that recipe soon on the blog!


Laundry soap - homemade laundry soap (find the recipe here)

Essential Oils for Diffuser - A few years ago, we stopped using artificially scented bars and candles and opted to go with diffusers filled with essential oils & essential oil blends.  We have a couple of go-to Canadian essential oils companies that we love.  You can find Fern & Petal essential oils in the Lazuli Farms store or online.  We also love essential oil blends from The Healing Hollow in Kimberley, BC.  I'll share a post soon with our favorite essential oil blends for the diffuser!


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