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LEMON SOLID DISH Soap | All-Natural | Lazuli Farms
LEMON SOLID DISH Soap | All-Natural | Lazuli Farms
LEMON SOLID DISH Soap | All-Natural | Lazuli Farms

LEMON SOLID DISH Soap | All-Natural | Lazuli Farms

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Swap out your liquid dish soap in favour of an all-natural, safe-to-use, solid dish soap bar.

These lemon scented dish soap bars are made with two simple fats that are superbly cleansing while not stripping the natural oils from your dish-pan hands.  They are made saponified lard & coconut oil only with a light lemon-y scent from essential oil.

To use your solid dish soap, rub the dish soap bar under warm running water for a few seconds while you run your sink of dish water.  The bar will add lots of bubbles to the water initially, then will dissipate - don't worry about having no bubbles left!  The soap is in the water and will do the trick as you wash your dishes.

For stubborn dishes, rub your dishcloth or dishbrush directly on the soap bar before scrubbing the dish directly with the cloth or brush.

Dish soap bars last remarkable long even with regular use.

Our ancestors used animal fats to make quality, simple soaps for hundreds of years.  During the industrial revolution, manufacturers looked for ways to mass produce home & personal products as cheaply as possible - replacing animal fat soaps with soaps made from synthetic & highly processed oils.

Let's bring back the good ol' days by swapping in soaps & products made with animal fats like lard & tallow!

These soaps are made with the lard from pigs raised outdoors with year-round sunshine, fresh air, and room to roam.

Ingredients: outdoor humanely raised pork lard, coconut oil, olive oil, lemon essential oil

CARE: As with any skin product, sensitivities may occur. Always try a test patch prior to regular use.

Variations in color or texture, or minor separation may occur due to the purity of our products. For best longevity, store in a cool, dry area.

Lazuli Farms products are small batch, handcrafted with love in central Alberta by our family. Expect a luxurious, nourishing experience with each of our products. The small batch, handcrafted nature of our products may create some slight variations in color or texture but nonetheless you'll love each and every product for the supple result.


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