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Why I love cookbooks!

Love Cookbooks Lazuli Farms Quarterly Culinary Box

Ever since I was a little girl, I always love reading!  I started off reading fiction books, but somewhere in my early teens, I fell in love with reading magazines & cookbooks!

My Mom had a 4H cookbook in our kitchen.  It was a pretty simple book with plastic coils, multiple recipes on each page, and no pictures.  But I loved that cookbook!  There were multiple sections including main dishes, appetizers, cookies, cakes, squares, and so on.  I recall spending hours flipping through the cookbook, making notes on which recipes I would try next, and making grocery lists for all the ingredients we didn't have in our pantry.  Looking back, I probably baked and cooked my way through at least half of the recipes in that book!

Once I "grew up" and had a kitchen of my own, I started borrowing cookbooks from the library (who knew there were so many!) and slowly purchasing cookbooks for my own collection.  There's something about flipping through the pages of gorgeously photographed & displayed food that makes me want to don my apron and get in the kitchen!  The cookbooks I fall in love with the most are often the ones that are created by food bloggers - not only are the recipes delicious, but the chef shares their story & their values around food.  I feel so connected to the author in these ones!  These are the cookbooks that become earmarked and stained from using them time & time again to create a cherished meal for my family.  My kids will plunk down on the couch with one of the cookbooks and spend an afternoon flipping through them and filling them with post it notes ("make this", "try this").  Our monthly and weekly meal planning often starts with browsing through the stack of cookbooks for inspiration ... "What do we feel like eating this week?"

There's something about crafting up a great meal for my loved ones that makes my heart so happy.  It's the moments shared around the hot stove and around the dinner table that will carry on in my heart forever.

These are all the reasons why we created the Quarterly Culinary Box for you!  The subscription box arrives to your doorstep every quarter and is filled with a hand-picked cookbook plus pork & beef selections to make 10 to 12 recipes from the cookbook!  That's a new recipe each week all year round!

To find out more, check out the Quarterly Culinary Box!

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