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Top 5 Reasons to Cook at Home

Hi there!

I am a self-proclaimed home chef and love to create delicious meals in my farm kitchen!  There's nothing better that sitting down at the kitchen table with my family at the end of a hard day's work and sharing a delicious meal!

If you love cooking at home, you'll completely resonate with me.  For those of you that are just getting started with home cooking, you've come to the right place!

Top 5 Reasons to Cook at Home!

1. FUN

Go old school and have fun flipping through recipe books for inspiration!  Or use google or pinterest to search for recipe ideas.  There's so many amazing resources out there for recipes and tips.  We love to stop by our local library and check out recipe books.  The kids like to flip through and ogle at the delicious food photos.

Once you've picked out the recipe, pull out all your ingredients and get started!  Grab your husband or kids and have some fun!


Cooking from scratch at home is awesome skill to have!

You can wow your guests or your spouse and kids with your delicious creations.

You'll be able to make delicious meal in a pinch.  Especially if Skip the Dishes disappears or the zombie apocalypse happens!

Cooking.  What an awesome skill to teach your kids!  Then they fly the nest, they'll be armed and ready to be independent young adults due to the skills they learned from you.


Have you ever wondered about where the ingredients came from for an entree at a restaurant or a pre-made frozen or packaged meal?

When you cook at home, you get to choose all the ingredients yourself.  Choose your ingredients based on where they are grown and how they are made.

You'll thank yourself.  There's a deep sense of knowing you've picked the highest quality nutrition for your fork.


Do you eat our frequently?  Have you ever added up the costs of eating out?

We've got a family of five and it can easily cost us over $100 to eat at a sit down restaurant.  It usually hits $40 to $50 for a fast food meal ... that doesn't even satisfy us.

When you cook at home, you'll save lots of moo-la.  Even when you choose more expensive options such as organic vegetables or locally sourced farm meat.


This one doesn't need a lot of explanation.

Have you ever ordered a meal at a restaurant and been extremely disappointed with the taste and quality?

Over the years, I have found or created a number of copy-cat recipes for my favorite restaurant dishes.  Chicken bacon amatriciana.  Pulled pork nachos.  Barbecue chicken salad.  To name a few.

When you're the master of the meal, you can add a pinch of this and a pinch of that and tailor the dish to your liking!

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