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Reclaim Farm started as an urban farm in the Garneau area in Edmonton - growing vegetables in urban plots.  They have now moved home to Ryan's home farm near Pigeon Lake, continuing to grow delicious & sustainable produced food.

Garneau Green Relish:  

This classic canadian style green relish works on any bread product, burger, or charcuterie board. Think bread and butter pickles with organic ingredients from Reclaim Organics farm. 375 mL

Smoky Scona BBQ Relish:

Named for the community where Reclaim Farm began. Smoky Scona is sweet, with a natural smokiness that will blow your mind. Add it to burgers, sandwiches, charcuterie or just spoon it into your mouth.  Pairs deliciously with Lazuli Farms smokies & ball park hot dogs & burgers.  375 mL

Coriander Lime Pickled Radishes:

 Meant for Tacos, or anything you want to use them on. These bright beautiful radishes make a great add on to top your meal or as a side. Harvested from the field then pickled by our friends at Mojo jojo pickles at their commercial facility.  Pairs well with Lazuli Farms pulled pork for tacos and with Lazuli Farms burgers.  375 mL

Apple & Cumin Sauerkraut:

A unique twist on traditional sauerkraut, the added apple brings sweetness to the usual sour and strong flavour of sauerkraut.  The cumin seeds are an uncommon addition, and adds another layer of flavour.  Eating it as its own side dish, or added to a traditional reuben sandwich, or layer on your Lazuli Farms ball park hotdog or burger.  375 mL