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Coffee Beans | NRG Coffee Co
Coffee Beans | NRG Coffee Co
Coffee Beans | NRG Coffee Co
Coffee Beans | NRG Coffee Co
Coffee Beans | NRG Coffee Co
Coffee Beans | NRG Coffee Co
Coffee Beans | NRG Coffee Co
Coffee Beans | NRG Coffee Co
Coffee Beans | NRG Coffee Co
Coffee Beans | NRG Coffee Co

Coffee Beans | NRG Coffee Co

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A bit about our friends from NRG Coffee Roasters:

It’s a family affaire.

We’re a family team roasting coffee along with the help of our three little boys. Our love for quality exquisite tasting coffee has evolved over the last 15 years, enjoying specialty coffee shops and roasteries. We realized how much of a positive impact a quality cup of coffee makes in a persons day and we wanted to be part of that!

Uplifting & Community Oriented

Our goal is to bring you great coffee that brings positivity to your life. It’s about the enjoyment of coffee and conversation, the ignition of brilliant ideas just waiting for your eNeRGy.

We love making complexities seem simple, and providing you with that reference point on what a good bean is.

We do our best to bring you the best!

From micro imports to single origins & signature blends, we go out of our way to find the best there is out there for you. The art, science and consistency from sourcing great coffee to each hand crafted small batch is what makes our relationship with our coffee unique.

Learning the Art of roasting on a Garanti drum roaster has been exciting, challenging and an enjoyable craft to learn. And let’s not forget the great people we have met through this trade!

Lazuli Farms offers two varieties of NRG Coffee whole beans in the online shop:


Bring home the cozy cocooning vibes of sweater-weather. This blend is packed with a comfortable dose of sweet and spicy flavor perfect for the purists trying to enjoy PSL season.

A nostalgic blend of South American beans.

Flavor notes:  Sweet cacao, cinnamon, molasses, hazelnut, brown sugar, and honey


Grown in the tiny Heredia province of Costa Rica is this little gem of a coffee. Elevations of up to 2900 masl, make this home to some of the highest grade coffees in Costa Rica. 

Exciting & bright with notes of bakers chocolate, hazelnut, brown sugar and a hint of citrus.


This coffee is a great place to start the day. It is traditional, dependable and everything you expect out of a good cup of coffee.

Creamy and layered with honey, sugar cane, dark chocolate and lemongrass.

 El Salvador Espresso Natural

A magnificent heirloom coffee, harvested from trees that are over 60 years old. This bean has complex sugar notes and lends itself brilliantly to espresso making.

It is a natural process bean, meaning that it is dried with the cherry still attached.

It is from a single origin. A single estate. A single variety.

Flavor Notes:  Sweet and enticing with a medium body. Brown sugar, dark chocolate, honey, raw cane sugar.


Kick your shoes off, you’ve just come home. For some, this coffee is strong enough to be your everyday morning cup. For others, it will be sweet like dessert.

The three beans of this light/medium blend rift off each other to highlight the nuances of each and together create harmony in the cup. We hand-selected beans from Latin America and East Africa to celebrate and acknowledge their great coffee producing farms.

Delightfully sweet notes of honeycomb, orange, grapefruit & milk chocolate.

NRG Decaf Organic

Looking for that craft cup of coffee that won’t rattle your nerves anytime of day? We’ll we’ve just opened up your whole day to drinking coffee.

Flavor notes:  Caramelized banana, dark chocolate, roasted hazelnut, stewed apple.


Love it dark? You’ve just found your jam. This is a well developed medium/dark roast. A bean from the Apaneca region of El Salvador.

Bold & dependable with notes of cocoa, hazelnut, dried fruit, cinnamon, and molasses.