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Soup Mix | Souptacular Soup Company

Soup Mix | Souptacular Soup Company

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Souptacular provides healthy and delicious soups in an array of flavours. Our flavours are family-friendly, easy to customize, and economical.  With a pantry stocked with Souptacular, you can always add a nutritious soup course to your meal.  

When you choose Souptacular, you make it easy to create healthy meals for yourself and your family.  Souptacular soups serve 8 cups, and any extra soup can be frozen for a Soup-er easy work lunch or side dish.   Add Lazuli Farms meat to the soup for a delicious easy meal.  Each pouch serves 4 to 6 people.

The lentils, beans, and barley in the Souptacular mixes are sourced from farmers in the Canadian Prairies.

The soups are incredibly easy to make.  Just add water!  Prepare on the stovetop or crockpot in 2 hours or less.  Add precooked meat at the end for an entire meal.

Three flavours available in the Lazuli Farms shop:

1 - Split Pea

The Split Pea soup pairs well with leftover ham, bacon, or use a smoked pork hock.

2 - Peas & Barley

Mmmmm.  Pair this mix with leftover roast beef or pre-cooked ground beef for a delicious beef & barley soup.  Lots of green & yellow split peas, barley, and vegetables.

3 - Traditional Bean

The traditional bean soup has brown rice, lentils, peas, barley, beans, and chickpeas.  Pairs well with chicken or ground beef.  Or try with stew beef.  Substitute some water for tomato sauce & diced tomatoes and add ground beef to make a chili.