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Felted sheep milk soap | Prairie Shepherdess

Felted sheep milk soap | Prairie Shepherdess

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Felted soap! 

The soap is made from sheep milk from Magenta the Navajo Churro.  It has then been wrapped with Icelandic fleece from  the flock, making it felted soap. 

• It will last 6x longer than a regular bar of soap.
• Offers a light loofah action as you wash
• No slip surface 
• No need for a wash cloth, it’s built right in!

After you’ve used up the soap, you can just cut in open and fill with a new bar of soap! 

There are 2 sizes available (medium & large), and 3 different colours. The colours are solid white, solid black, and black & white.

Soap Ingredients- 

Sheep milk, Water, Lye, Olive Olive, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Essential oils (smells like spring!)