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Is the world becoming more allergic?

Does it seem like food allergies are more common now then when 25 years ago when we were kids?  Or is that we are just more aware of food allergies?

What do you think?

The truth of the matter is:

YES - food allergies ARE more common now then ever.

Right now, about 1 in 13 children have a food allergy.  Since 1997, food allergies have increased by 50% in children.  Statistics indicate that peanut and tree nut allergies are three times more common now than 20 years ago.

In fact, there are more than 170 foods that have been reported to cause allergic reactions.  The top eight food allergies around the world are:

  • gluten
  • eggs
  • dairy
  • soy
  • peanuts
  • fish
  • shellfish
  • tree nuts

Experts don't know why the allergy rates are increasing, but reteach is being done to investigate the reasons why.

Some of the current theories for increased allergy rates include:

1) cleanliness - the world may be becoming TOO clean and children are getting less infections and the mechanisms our bodies use to fight infection also help tackle allergies

2) lack of Vitamin D - Vitamin D can help our immune system and potentially make us less susceptible to allergies - our Vitamin D levels are lacking in Canada due to our northern climate

3) not introducing trigger foods early enough - there is research being done to determine if introducing babies to potential allergens earlier can help minimize the risk of allergy development

Based on the info above, I think #farmlife can help out with the first two things above!

     #farmkids are always playing in the mud!

     #farmkids get lots of time in the great outdoors!

Here are Lazuli Farms, we are very fortunate to be allergy free.  I can't imagine the worry of a parent with severe food allergies ... you never know when there might be a trace of that trigger in a food your child eats.

Our products are crafted with allergies in mind and our products are almost all gluten-friendly.  Every ingredient is listed on the sausage, pepperoni, and cured bacon and ham products.